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How lazy retail marketers are disrespecting the consumer

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Without doubt email is still one of the most effective methods to directly connect with prospects and customers. Emerging from the pre-digital ‘direct marketing’ discipline, the humble email has evolved from basically a promotional and loyalty tactic to being a cornerstone of the ‘engagement marketing’ suite.

However it raises a serious question: has email created the ‘lazy marketer’ who simply builds an email database to ‘blast’ their messages to an unsuspecting consumer?

Given the refinement of data that can be collected from each interaction (online and offline), it is more than assumption that marketers are likely to have a useful understanding of purchase behaviour (what, where, when, price, etc.). For the most part consumers in Australia are still bombarded with a never-ending series of unrelated messages from brands ‘spraying’ a message in the hope that someone will respond.

This is lazy marketing, pure and simple.

Take this recent experience as a Country Road customer. After purchasing from their Trenery-branded store, a customer signed up to their loyalty program on the promise of priority offers and various other benefits. Wow – the reality is totally different!

The number of emails received from both Trenery and Country Road over a one month period was a staggering 33! Almost daily they sent an email offering specials on products this customer will never buy because they don’t match her taste. Country Road is the laziest fashion brand landing in this Inbox.

The purpose of engagement marketing for Country Road is to tailor its emails to the attributes they know about their customer, ask for more information (usually in exchange for something), and only send relevant information and offers based on this known data. When a brand knows a customer’s buying habits and preferences, it has a powerful segmentation tool for them to “best guess” their next purchase and then use that data in the next communication.

Digital-based engagement marketing requires genuine leadership and planning. Gone are the days where an email address alone is the basis for a brand to indiscriminately send marketing messages, and worst of all, sell their customer data to other businesses who will do the same.

At marketingbytes we provide clients with a 100% customer-centric approach to engagement marketing. It has delivered significant benefits for brands wanting to construct a meaningful dialogue with their customers, earn a positive ROI plus achieve real demand management through highly effective data management.

Contact us to discuss how we can apply our approach to CRM to acquire customers for your business.

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